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Gone for no good reason.

Published May 24, 2012 by shadycatlady

holy shit I’ve been gone forever.

Why you ask? For no particular reasons other than my life is a void of the same shit everyday.


My poor little car got hit, yet again, but the people did not just leave like last time

On the downside its about 4000x worse. But it is going to get fixed, it was not my fault, and nobody was hurt so I can’t really be that upset.

What I can be upset about is that my mom won’t let me get “Bieber” tattooed on my neck.

How will my man ever know how truly devoted I am to him if I do not have his name tattooed on my neck in an almost unreadable script font.

I mean, I see tons of neck tattoos on important elite people.

So she will eventually come around.

Also reality TV has not been my thing lately.

First, Kim wins survivor, whom I like, but I wanted to ghetto fabulous Alicia to win because she was well, ghetto fabulous, and funny.

And then Aubrey O’day doesnt even make the apprentice finale. She was honestly hilarious. She thought she WAS the celebrity apprentice, she did everything, she thought of everything, she was the best. And I’m pretty sure she was the only one who thought that. But it wouldve been funny to hear her talk about herself some more on the finale.

Also I really wanted Dyana to win because she had an accent and was cute and she, like I, hated Lisa Lampinelli.

But Arsenio won, which is who I wanted out of the two because Clay Aikens new face creeps me out…

And then Phillip Phillips won American Idol. Hollie Cavanough was my girl, I was rootin for her from the start and then America had a temporary brain relapse and forgot to vote for her and she went home. Then I decided to change allegiance to Jessica Sanchez because she was a girl and I am sick of dudes winning, but the pre-teens won again and voted for phillip because he had a guitar and weiner.

So my house was full of temper tantrums this week while we caught up on all those TV shows because my dad has been at work.

Now I have to go catch up on my TV shows from January and look at this zit directly on my forehead.



Published April 25, 2012 by shadycatlady

Pissed off.


There I said it, twice actually.

Seen The Lucky One last night…….

Don’t waste your money. It is honestly a horrible movie. Yeah sure a couple parts are funny but I could feel myself not connected to the characters at all. They all could have died and I don’t think it would have even mattered to me.

The only thing that could have made it better…

A shirtless Zac Efron.

Did it happen? NO

okay it happened like twice, but he making out so all I saw was a couple of back dimples and half a man boob.

It was most disappointing.

So don’t waste your money at all.


So I had to make this. Scumbag Zaquisha Efron.

Also someone hit my car today.

Now not like BOOM dent. but like, let me back out but I’ll let my car scrape along the side of your fine automobile the whole time and then I’ll just leave and not leave a note or name or anything. Good Luck!

*Fart noise*

If I ever find you I will make you clean my car with your tongue, which will be gross because I never wash my car. And then I’ll make you pay for a real premium car wash because you will probably leave streak marks.

So now I’ll have to get it estimated and see how much it will cost to fix all of this because I can’t stand it being there. ITS A NEW CAR. pfffffft right. This bitch is getting FIXED. Or I’ll have to pay 500 dollars to my insurance people to get it fixed.

AWFUL. just awful.

How do you not know your ripping off all of my cars paint?!? uggggggh. You’ll get yours, don’t you worry.

Does my car scream, hit me and then not leave any information because im EEEVIL?

because this is how I see my car…

Is this how other people see my car….?

Probably. There is no other explanation for this type of behavior.

I’m livid. The last thing I want to hear when my mom walks in is “Did you know someone hit your car”


No i did not. Enlighten me. So she did and it looks awful. I’m weeping, but only on the inside. I don’t have tear ducts. Well literally I do, but I dont use them a lot.

The only thing that made today better was the fact that it was hotdog night for dinner. I ate my feelings in hotdogs. Which the new measurement for sadness.

How sad are you?

Im about two hotdogs sad.


I also vlogged before all of this went down

I feature my little mexican burrito cat eating a ton of her favorite food while being absolutely HORRIBLE.

honestly, she is the worst cat ever.

but shes so cute, so its okay.

TO SEE HER IN ACTION CLICK HERE!!!! seriously. click these words. 

Paranoia and Fear.

Published March 15, 2012 by shadycatlady

So my luck has ran out yet again.

It seems that the mild ogre fight was the calm before the real storm.

I was sitting down when it sounded like the battle of Hogwarts had erupted in my living room.

As I said before. I am VERY, emphasis on the VERY, scared of storms. And since my mom undermines my fear and refuses my need for xanax or other anxiety medicine I have to sit here through it. Now, It is not the scared where I’m all omg im sooo scared someone come over and cuddle and watch movies. Its more like OMG IM SO SCARED LET ME COME OVER IN YOUR BUNKER BUT PUT ME INSIDE OF A FULL STEEL BOX WITH MY CAT AND WHILE I THROW UP AND PUKE AT THE SAME TIME BECAUSE IM SURE IM GOING TO DIE kind of scared.

The absolute last thing I think of when I think of tornados is this

I do not believe that I will swept away to a magical land where the central theme is choosing family over wealth. Sneaky. But I think more like this

Now, I do not always freak out like this. This behavior is specifically for thunderstorms. Like a puppy

Like today when I was breaking on the highway because other people were breaking, I could see the car in my rear view mirror just not slowing down. And i was not freaking out at all. I didnt even freak out when it had to swerve into the other lane because he did not feel like slowing down. And i could only bring myself to think of all the muffin crumbs on my lap. Priorities. Im doing it right.

BUT I do have paranoia for no reason also, like my boss boss said to me yesterday Can I ask you an honest question and i started freaking out like I had no idea if i could tell the truth anymore, like what if i forgot and lied, but he really just wanted to know if he looked old. And also someone stuck like 2 pamphlets under my windshield wipers but i didnt notice them until i was driving and all I kept thinking was that they were going to fly off and I would get a fine for littering and that the cops wouldnt believe me when I would try to tell them that someone put it on my car and i didnt notice it and that I really wasnt trying to litter. So thanks a lot who ever did that.

Also on a side note on my way to school I was behind a car that was going like 4 MPH around corners like their Grand Marquis was going flip over if they went over 10 MPH so that got me all pumped up.

So while this devil storm carries on and I have to sit here in the middle of it I will be watching Toddlers in Tiaras because, yes, I do like that show. *Kiss face to the judges* Pretty Walk *Wink Blow Kisses to the Judges* Get Ultimate Grand Supreme title. POW

A million blog posts into one! YAY

Published January 21, 2012 by shadycatlady

Lets re-cap my twitter posts since that is what i do when i write a blog anyways. Twitter is my pre-blog notepad.

Yeah one of my major pet peeves. You are a tool. Music does NOT need to be this loud and it is annoying. because your music sucks anyways and then you cant even hear anything else around you because there could be like major chaos behind you can a crazed murder  with a chain saw and you would never know. I hate you people
I dont know if people get this friendly nice person vibe from me or if i really am just THAT hott early in the morning but there is no need for you to sit directly next to me. Then he eats animal crackers in the dead silence and i have this disease where i literally cannot stand listening to people to chew or drink or the sound of drinks being poured or anything. Its a real disease im not that weird. so i have to keep sticking my finger in my ear like really fast over and over again and i probably look crazy but if i did not buffer that noise i would have choked him with my two hands or threw up all over the place
This. This speaks for itself. I accidentally took some weird comp II class thats ALL about food. my sub-conscience is trying to make me fat. but anyways he made us watch like the national hotdog eating contest and i find nothing about tiny asians eating 60 soggy wet hotdogs enjoyable so im sitting in the back really dry-heaving and trying to not throw up, when it comes down to the final hotdog and the clock is down to like two seconds and the asian throws up but he throws up INTO HIS HANDS AND THEN EATS HIS THROW UP. nope, right there. thats when i decided that this was way to much. nobody should care about hotdogs that much.
I prepped myself to sit in my bed all day friday when i check my phone and have three missed calls from my BFF asking me to pick her up form her college thats like 3 hours away, and since im like the best friend anyone could have, i asked my father to go get her so we set off on a roadtrip. except i have not eaten all day and my dad told me to pack stuff to eat on the way and my family lives like a couple of fraternity bachelors and there is never any food, so thats what my diet consisted of.
NOW, for a couple of my favorite tweets form people i follow, and urge you to follow.
Dane cook. I think he is hilarious and if you do not know what he is referring to in this tweet you are deranged, because he does an excellent little comedy skit on when he used to work at Burger king and someone made it into an equally hilarious cartoon. Please watch it here so we can still be friends —–> THE BK LOUNGE!!!
Quite possibly one of the funniest mock twitters. You know that girl you went to high school with that NEVER leaves and also doesnt know any current news and likes nickleback and stuff? yeah well someone made her a twitter and is saying things that she would say. SERIOUSLY HILARIOUS. ‘marshallz’ if you didnt go follow this after you read that word i urge you to do it now or forever be sad.
I also had to leave my first upset note on the window of a mini van when they parked um like ON TOP of my car at the el camino and you just dont do that stuff at a mexican restaurant because i eat a lot until i cant fit into my jeans and DO NOT want to suck in my stomach juuuuust to get in my car. so i did this..
i had to put mini is quotations so that they would pick up on my sarcasm because there was nothing tiny about that van. So i hope you had a hip hoppin time at the el camino because you parked so close to my car that when i tried to get in the door knocked my glasses off and felt like Velma. I also hate you.

im the worlds best babysitter

Published December 11, 2011 by shadycatlady

I’ve been busy babysitting baby toddler twins all weekend, but  I’ll get to that later. Right now we can talk about how much i hate my little math class

Thursday was the last day i ever had to go to that class.

*angles singing*

So we had to do evaluations and my very foreign teacher kevin needed someone to turn them in, and this girl volunteered.

But i think she thought it meant that she was in charge and the president of course evaluations. She was walking around and asking people if they got an evaluation sheet, and collecting them when we were done. It was like when you were in kindergarten and the teacher didn’t feel like doing anything, like cleaning the tables, so she asked the kids to do it and they were like peeing their pants with excitement hoping to get picked to clean the tables.

It made me want to hit her.

Some people freak out when their cars get close to being empty on gas.

i am not one of those people.

I have my gas gauge down to a science. I hate buying gas so i just never do. I go as long as i possibly can without getting gas. Which did cause me to run out of gas two times, but its a risk im willing to take really, because i hate spending money on things i can’t like, wear, and stuff.

I’m sure its a real disease.

I got more hits from someone googling “mario kart lamp” again. So i googles mario kart lamp and my blog is the sixth option. prettty cool. I guess there is not a large market for mario kart lamps if I’m the sixth option.

Those guys in my film class who decide to watch the movies on youtube and stuff were at class on friday and they were talking about how they watched the movie at home that we watched in class last friday, which was on the waterfront. and before we were about to take the quiz the kid was talking about how it was actually a good movie and stuff and i think maybe he didnt watch the right one because the one i watched it class was just horrible and boring. But those kids also look like they carry hemp book bags, watch weed wars, and protest for the legalization of marijuana……. so i try to ignore them.

I’m probably worlds best babysitter.

Me and my friend babysat her twin boy cousins alllll weekend, like overnight and stuff. and were just a couple of fun people so im sure we could entertain some toddlers. It was chaotic, incase you didnt know, kids dont listen.

All they want to do is play mario on the wii and eat candy.

So thats what we did, we fed them gummy bears, 2 candy bars, some donuts and let them wii box each other before bed.

Then there was bath time. which involved not wanting to get in, splashing, eating the bath toys, pushing the bucket that held the toys into each other crotches, crying, and not wanting to get out.

utter chaos.

then its bed time, and you can tell its bedtime because they start to throw fits and argue with other in their little twin language.

then they dont want to go to bed so they trick you for like a half hour doing other stuff in their room besides getting them in their beds.

I’m so good with children

just kidding im really not.

But now im sitting in my own bed watching harry potter and being exausted and its only 11:30. A parents life is no life for me.

Now i get to go back to the life of a college student, because its finals weeeeeeeek. yay tests over stuff i dont remember.