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look at my new earrings, and by earrings i mean muscles.

Published December 21, 2011 by shadycatlady

Want to know what i love most about facebook?

the tools and skanks.

That is the reason i STILL have one.

that and the fact that im super popular and need to keep in touch with my peeps.

But anyways

you know, everyone has those friends that are just sooooo douchey.

The guy who is like

check out my new facial piercing bro

but the picture is a full body picture, and he’s not wearing a shirt and flexing the absolute shit out of every muscle in his body so much that im sure he is also shitting his pants and looks all unnaturally red.

Then there is the girls. oh girls

check out my new haircut guys its so awesome 

And then the picture is super close up, not even showcasing the whole haircut, and then they took off their tank top and put their lowest v-neck on and their super push up bra and then squeeze their boobs together, then take the picture.

It involves a lot of work.

and they wonder why they get called the names they get called.


the douchey boys comment on those pictures like

you are so beautiful we should get to know each other

and then they get together and date for a solid 48 hours and then break up and make all their status’s about how there isnt any decent people in the world.

Oh the irony in the world.

Speaking of Irony, Ozzy didnt win survivor.

I just do not see how that is possible because he swims like a dolphin mixed with King Triton.

He literally is THEE survivor. he catches like sharks and stuff and does it all while having AWESOME hair.

like wtf, how did Sophie even win. she was a brat, like Ozzy said

I might be a little biased because i happen to be madly in love with Ozzy, but the footage does not lie.

He is just super athletic, at unnatural things, like climbing trees and staying under water for very long periods of time.

Things that come in handy in real life and look good on a resume.

And right now a Ryan Dunn tribute is on, and its making me sad.

Kind of like when i watch Clueless and see pictures of Brittany Murphy

But then some things make me happy, like the awesome wolf notebook i write all this stuff down in, and christmas presents and stuff.

So if you ever get sad, think of majestic wolves howling at the moon, and harry potter and golden snitches and stuff like that.

Yeah, im deep.